Trieves region, France

SRC programs have been launched in several regions of France to test agricultural practices, choice of species and machinery, as well as to see how SRC can take part in combined bioenergy and environmental projects. However, these experiments are done on a very small scale, with less than 3,000 ha planted on the national level. A national biomass network has been created to ensure that experiences are shared between regions and projects. There is still a real need nonetheless to create a real dynamic around SRC and to convince public and private stakeholders of the role it can play in the development of renewable energies.  The users of woodchips must also be integrated in the reflexion on the development of local supply chains. There is a real lack of knowledge around SRC in France and it is therefore necessary to organise actions to promote SRC and set up projects to demonstrate its efficiency.

The Trièves region is located in the Alps, in the Rhône Alpes region. It  is a rural area where agriculture and forestry are the predominant economic activities. The preserved high mountains surrounding the Trièves, as well as the nature conservation areas like the Parc du Vercors, also attract tourists. The Trièves has just signed its second Forest Charter: this 6 year plan aims to develop the economic potential that can be found in local forests. The local woodchip industry is being consolidated and this is why introduction of SRC in the area is interesting. Several villages have set up heat production systems and others are being planned. The region is launching a new project to become a 'positive energy territory'. SRC is generally unknown to local stakeholders and the SRCplus project is therefore an opportunity to set up a new local supply chain.

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