Brittany region, France

Brittany is a dense livestock region. Pig production and agri-food sector hold a predominant place. Forest represents a small part of the total areas, but hedges are still abundant, though in decline. In Brittany, SRC first experiments date from 1998. In 2004, through the Life Environment project Wilwater 100 hectares of willow SRC have been planted to test different applications including energy production, irrigation with treated wastewater, sewage sludge spraying, protection of drinking water catchment. The project showed that some situations combining its different uses can lead to a consistent environmental policy and encourage local partnerships. The current lack of profitability of the sector could change rapidly with an increase in the use of biomass.

The renewable energies share is about 11% of total consumption in the Region. Wood energy represents more than half of it. The Regional Woodfuel Programme (implemented by Aile since 2000) promotes woodchips boilers development as well as woodfuel supply chains. Wood energy has grown significantly since 2010 and produces 2300 GWh end of 2014. Objectives for wood energy development in 2030 represent a considerable effort (3800 GWh). Dedicated crops such as SRC could provide a complement to supply boiler plants. The SRCplus project is therefore an opportunity to set up new local supply chain.